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Lowbake Technology

A combination of Lowbake and infrared systems technology to cut your baking energy costs by 80% and your bake time by 70%. Lowbake is also the pioneer of variable speed fans in Spray booths and its use cuts maintenance and saves energy. Lowbake technology has allowed users save thousands of dollars on operating costs.





Also available in grey to meet certain OEM approved equipment standards



• Universal set-up reduces time, cost and space

• Integrated power unit increase safety by keeping the floor clear of hydraulic and air lines

• Lightweight removable ramps allow for easy vehicle access

• Powerful 10-ton draw aligner with multi-angle pulling and 3600 access allows the technician to access the vehicle from just about anywhere

• Compatible with EVO Systems 1, 2 & 3 and the Car-O-TronicTM electronic measuring systems giving you a total solution for all collision repairs

• Flexible installation; fixed, mobile or pit mountings makes it easy to fit into any workshop

• Meets several OEM equipment requirements further increasing your workshops's offering and therefore your profits



Paint Mix Room

Lowbake are specialist manufacturers of Paint Mix Rooms and paint storage areas. The Mix Room is designed to provide a safe and clean working environment to store and decant paints & solvents. The lowbake Paint Mix Rooom receives intake air from outside the building and then exhausts air through floor level vents and bench-top vents.